heart paperclip

So cute!


Just by bending a paperclip you can transform into this cute heart paperclip!

Here’s how…

IMG_0434 how to paperclips

Place the paperclip with the wider loop to the bottom and the outside end, on your left.

Then bend the paperclip at the black arrow, so that the blue arrow in the first paper clip ends were the blue arrow is in the second clip.

And Voila that’s your heart paperclip!

3 Responses to “heart paperclip”

  1. tired this several times, but it just doesn’t look like a heart once attached to the paper…not sure why????

    • hi Lori, if you bend it right and it still doesn’t look like a heart, then try not to push it down all the way on the paper. When pushing it down all the way on the paper, you don’t see were the the two sides meet and that might look funny.

  2. Wow, I love your DIY ideas and they are so cute! I absolutely can’t wait to try this out and I actually have some multi-coloured paperclips lying about, so maybe in red? xx

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