Crochet Flower Tutorial

These little flowers are so cute and you can stick them on anything to make it pretty!
What you need:
Wool yarn
Crochet hook
Sewing needle for wool 
crochet flower
Step 1:  To start off you need to make a slip knot:
1.1. About 15 cm from the end of the wool, make a loop by wrapping the wool around the fingers crossing it over.
1.2. Insert the crochet needle under the yarn, and grab the back piece of yarn and pull it through, under the front part of wool.
1.3. Pull down on both ends of the yarn. The knot will slide up and tighten around the hook.
Step 2:  The next step is to make foundation chain:
2.1. Take the yarn and wrap it around the hook so that it is caught in the slot.  
2.2. Then draw the yarn through the loop that is on the hook.  
2.3. Repeat 6 times {six stitches} to look like the photo below.
Step 3:  We now need to form a circle out of the 6 chain stitch
3.1. Insert the hook in the first loop of the chain.
3.2. Take yarn round the hook and pull through both loops.
crochet flower
3.3. You will then end with a little circle, this is the base of your flower.
crochet flower
Step 4:  Now we need to start with the petals, just so you get an idea of what you are going to do.   Each petal is made up of 4 parts “chain up” and a “chain down”, an attachment in the middle and an attachment at the end. 
4.1.  We’ll start with the “chain up” as in Step 2 make a chain of 3 stitches {so that you end with something that looks like the photo below} this is the first step done
4.2.  For the attachment in the middle.  
a. Take the yarn round the hook.
crochet flower
b. Then insert the hook in the middle of the base circle of the flower.
crochet flower
c. Catch the yarn on the other side, and draw through the base circle to end with 3 loops on the hook.
crochet flower
d. Take the yarn around the hook, and draw through two loops. 
crochet flower
e. Take the yarn around the hook and draw through the last through loops.
crochet flower
crochet flower
f. There you are done with the attachment in the middle.  
4.3.  “Chain down”, same as the “chain up” you need to do 3 chain stitches
4.4.  Lastly the attachment at the end.
Insert the hook in the base circle, catch the yarn on the other side and pull through the circle.  Take the yarn around the hook and pull through the loop. 
crochet flower
Well done, now you are done with the first petal.  You need to do 5 more petals {ending with 6 in total}.  
Step 5: When done with all six petals cut the yarn about 10cm from the flower.  Pull through the last loop.
crochet flower
Using the needle thread the ends through the centre loops, and cut off.
Ending with a beautiful little crochet flower.
crochet flower