Figure of 8 Knot

Knots and knotted ‘jewellery’ seems to be very in lately.  If you know just how to make some of these knots you can be very creative in using them in crafting and DIY’s.  Today I’ll show you step by step how to make a figure of 8 knot.  This is very simplified so that it is easy for someone that has never done this knot to make one. So hope you can follow.

What you will need:

2 x pieces of rope (0.5 – 1m depending on what you want to do with it)

Step 1: Loop both the pieces of rope and lay it on the table (it doesn’t matter which piece is on the top and which is at the bottom, we’ll fix it just now)

Figure 8 knot

Step 2: Put the two pieces of looped rope on top of each other.

Figure 8 knot

Step 3: Have a look at the top right corner, I have taken that end and put it over the pink. (Depending on how your loops were made, you will take the end that crosses its self ‘under’ on the loop below)

Figure 8 knot

Step 4: Now the pink ending in the left top we need to modify.  I have taken it and pulled it out and put it under the green rope, over the pink and under the green again. This will also depend how your loops were made, I will explain it below so that you understand which one you should change.

Figure 8 knot

If you have a look at each end of your rope the pink ends, one should end over and one should end under the green.  Same with the green side.  Then each end should go under, over, under or over, under, over – so if you look at the top left pink end it goes under the green, over the pink and under the green.  The bottom left pink end goes over the green, under the pink and over the green.  Same with the green side.

Step 5: This would just be to tighten the knot. You will see the bottom figure shows a double knot.  This is exactly the same the rope that you are working with should just be folded double.

Figure 8 knot



Figure 8 knot

So now that you can make a figure of 8 knot you can be creative with it.


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