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Peppermint Crisp Tart

One of my favourite fridge tarts, peppermint crisp tart. It’s proudly South-African, quick and easy and super yummy! You can serve it as a tart, and dish it up, or you can make individual servings. What you need: 1 tin (375g) Caramel Treat 250ml Fresh Cream whipped to soft peaks a packet of Tennis biscuits (coconut […]

heart paperclip

So cute! Just by bending a paperclip you can transform into this cute heart paperclip! Here’s how… Place the paperclip with the wider loop to the bottom and the outside end, on your left. Then bend the paperclip at the black arrow, so that the blue arrow in the first paper clip ends were the […]

candle in a bottle

Are these not just so pretty? I saw them in an interior shop while I was on holiday and thought, as soon as I get home I’m going to make them! So here they are. I love using hearts because I’m a heart kind-of-girl. If you’re not one, you can use any other shape, or […]

ronella’s tim tam’s

Ronel, a dear friend of mine introduced me to this way of eating Tim Tams. Tim Tams is an Australian cookie, manufactured by Arnott’s. Consists of two layers of malted biscuits, separated by a chocolate cream filling, and covered in chocolate. You get them in most supermarkets. To start, you bite tiny corners off your cookie, opposite […]

sugar cubes

It is always nice to have sugar cubes or sugar sticks for a tea, instead of the usual sugar, but they can be costly.  So here is how to make your own 🙂 and they make lovely gifts too. You can make them in any form, white or brown sugar, and adding a drop of […]

My grandmothers Guava Tart

I inherited my ouma Geline’s handwritten cook book… very special to me.  She spent loads of time in the kitchen and was always known for her cooking and baking and keeping everyone’s tummy’s full.  I remember in the kitchen there was always bottled guava’s and goodies, tins with rusks and cookies… a few recipe’s I’ll […]

Necklace hanger

I “hate” it when all my necklaces get tangled, but I made one of these…and i love it! 🙂 I can see what I have and no tangling… and we all have a old wooden hanger lying around the house or an old covered hanger that isn’t that nice anymore. Spring is here and it’s time to spring […]

Carrot cake

This is my granny, Ouma Sonnie’s recipe.  It’s a lovely moist cake, and even I can bake this (I’m new at this baking thing, my middle sister, Leigh-Ann is the baker in the family… I do the cooking for fun)  You need: 4 eggs 2 cups sugar 1 cup oil 2 ½ cup self raising […]

paper protea

I love these paper flowers, and they are so easy to make! All you really have to do is to get out and pick up a few branches, then dig in your bookshelf for a few old books.  I got these books from a local second hand bookshop cheap, cheap…  You need:  Old Books (one […]