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Apparently these little tartlets were named after an Old president of South-Africa J B M Hertzog.  They look complicated to make, but they really are not.  They are usually made in a muffin tin or patty pan tin that is not that deep (this recipe makes about 30) but I like it bite size so […]

Tomato Tart

This is one of my mothers favourites to make for a quick and fuss free lunch with a salad.  It’s a recipe inspired by Marita van der Vyver’s book “summer in Provence”. I love easy fuss free recipes like these and the best is that you can play around with the ingredients.  It’s like a […]

Macaroons baking class

I’ve never baked macaroons before… so my sister treated me to a macaroon baking class! And we LOVED it… we made the most beautiful macaroons. I can highly recommend any one living in and around Cape Town to join the Silwood Kitchen Macaroon Class, they are definitely going to see me again for the other […]

Homemade Lemonade

When life hands you some lemons… make homemade lemonade! 🙂  That’s what they say, so that’s what we’ll do! Spring has finally arrived in Cape Town, and the last few days have just been absolutely beautiful here! I have a bowl full of lemons, and thought it was time to make some homemade lemonade! Nothing […]

Hot chocolate cups

With winter still in Cape Town, and snow on the mountains, here is a bit of comfort drinking until somer does arrive. This is not for the skinny hot chocolate lovers, but if you have a serious chocolate craving this will sort that out!  What you need: {Makes 4 cups} 180g good quality dark chocolate […]

Milkshakes {Steri Stumpie}

Steri Stumpie, my favourite flavoured milk! It’s a great post exercise drink… apparently the ratio of protein and carbs is just right for recovery. But even better, today I’m making some milkshakes with the steri stumpies.  It’s a great idea… and everyone can choose what flavour they want {anything from strawberry, chocolate, bubblegum, vanilla, cream […]

Bran muffins

I got this muffin recipe from my mother {it’s out of the “You winning recipe” book}.  I remember she always made them. They are delicious and they great for a lunch boxes or picnics.  Only 20min to bake {just the time you take to make a great cuppa} and the best part if you don’t […]

Chicken Korma {Easy}

It is freezing cold in Cape Town, South-Africa… with beautiful snow capped mountains! Before even getting out of bed this morning I already decided what was for dinner… Curry or more specific Chicken Korma! This recipe is not that hot, so if you like it hot, add extra chilli powder. I have adapted this recipe from […]

Curried Chicken salad

It is a gorgeous winters day in Cape Town today, it almost feels like spring is here. I’ve been craving salads for a while {yes, I do crave salads} so with this lovely weather I took the chance to make my chicken salad with apple’s and walnuts. A great summer salad and perfect lunch time […]