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Advent calendar

It’s 6 November and all the shops are filled with Christmas goodies. I can’t believe the year is already coming to an end.  So we probably have to start with our Christmas decorations and advent calendars before it’s too late. I have made a cute advent calendar that is so easy to make and it […]

Hot chocolate cups

With winter still in Cape Town, and snow on the mountains, here is a bit of comfort drinking until somer does arrive. This is not for the skinny hot chocolate lovers, but if you have a serious chocolate craving this will sort that out!  What you need: {Makes 4 cups} 180g good quality dark chocolate […]

Cremora Tart

This is a very easy recipe, and takes about 20min to make and half hour to an hour to set.  All the ingredients you can keep for a while so the perfect tart for those unexpected guests.  This is my grandmothers “flop free all ingredients in the home” tart when we pop in.  She uses […]

candle in a bottle

Are these not just so pretty? I saw them in an interior shop while I was on holiday and thought, as soon as I get home I’m going to make them! So here they are. I love using hearts because I’m a heart kind-of-girl. If you’re not one, you can use any other shape, or […]