Ribbon Bunting

This ribbon bunting is so soft and feminine.  Add a touch of vintage to your next event! It’s easy and quick 🙂

What you need:
{for 1 meter of ribbon bunting}
Lace {different shades and patterns} 25 x 60cm strips {15m}
Soft satin ribbon {different shades and patterns} 25 x 60cm strips {15m}
2 m strong rope or ribbon {to tie the pieces to}


{You can also use material and cut it up into 60 x 2 cm strips – but remember it must be soft and flowing material}


Then simply just tie the pieces to the ribbon, one knot it enough and move around till you are happy with the spacing.

If you find it difficult to tie the it – tie the ribbon between two chairs then you don’t have to worry to keep the ribbon straight 🙂

Another idea is to arrange your ribbon and lace so that it goes from light to dark to give an ombre effect!

Hang above a table, at the entrance or under the trees!