Handmade roses (with coffee filters)

We had a craft workshop last week and made these beautiful coffee filter roses…

In the same way that we made the paper roses in a previous post, but only using coffee filters.  I also used florist tape instead of the glue gun, but you can use which ever one you feel most comfortable with.

paper roses

We used beetroot juice, red wine and food colouring to colour the roses.  And they looked beautiful. Here is a photo for you too see what the different roses looks like.



Food colouring {pink}:

food colouring

Experiment with different colourings and see what it comes out like.

Here is a template that I have made that you can use to cut out the petals.  Cut them all on a coffee filter {so you will end up with two of each} but the no.4 cut it on a fold where the arrows are {so you will have one long one} and the no.5 and no.6 cut 3 {thus ending with 6 of each}.

rose template

Common mistakes:

  • When folding make sure that you fix the whole bottom edge {don’t let is hang loose}
  • Make sure that you put the bottom edges on top of each other and not attaching them down the stick so that you can see the tape of the previous size
  • The first few leaves will bend and curl a bit – but that is what gives the rose it’s lovely look… as long as the bottom edge is attached leave it
  • Mould it as you go along, scrunch the leave and stick the bottom edge… play around don’t feel that you have to just stick it flat to the stick
  • You can use wire, but the thinner the object you use to for the rose around the more difficult. So I would suggest that you try the first 3 or 4 on sticks and when you feel comfortable use the wire {wire is nice to put in a bouquet so you can make the rose face any direction}
  • Don’t number your petals… in fact there should be no pencil marks on them.

Happy rose folding! 🙂 And if you use other things to colour it with let me know!