Photo editing

Have you ever wanted to be able to write on your photo’s or put a frame around them or touch them up but you just have not been able to pay loads of money for it.

Well, I have the solution for you, picmonkey.  It is a free photo editing site, you can also upgrade and get even more editing options. I found this site only a few weeks ago, so I’m still playing around and trying out all the options but thought I’d share it with you as I think it is a great site.


So you have different options that you can use.

  • Edit and touch up basically being the same – With these options you will choose a photo, and then use the different options to edit it, the basic editing options are cropping, rotate, exposure, colours, sharpen, resize.  Then you can also use the effects, frames, touch up, text, textures and themes.  With in the themes options there are great editing options that you can use, the touch up option even has a weight reduction option (have not tried it yet)date and nut


  • Design – This option is great if you want to make printable labels, invites or notes.  You choose your canvas colour, then you can add text, icons, arrows, lines, hearts, textures, frames and much more

thank you

  • Collage – If you want to make a collage with a few photo’s you can choose the photo’s that you want to make the collage of. This option is great to use to make a facebook cover image with different photo’s.collage

Play around and let me know what you think.