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August is woman’s month, as well as the online shop’s birthday.  So this month I’m giving away a goodie bag filled all my favourite goodies, but I need your help to decide what to put in the goodies bag, so follow the instructions below and your could win. What you need to do to win this: […]

Photo editing

Have you ever wanted to be able to write on your photo’s or put a frame around them or touch them up but you just have not been able to pay loads of money for it. Well, I have the solution for you, picmonkey.  It is a free photo editing site, you can also upgrade […]

Figure of 8 Knot

Knots and knotted ‘jewellery’ seems to be very in lately.  If you know just how to make some of these knots you can be very creative in using them in crafting and DIY’s.  Today I’ll show you step by step how to make a figure of 8 knot.  This is very simplified so that it […]

Recipe Cards

I found this absolutely gorgeous recipe card printable on one of my favourite blogs The Ink Nest.  They have the cutest designs you can buy in the shop, searching by theme, or colour, but this one is for free. What a great idea to print these at a kitchen tea or girly party and let all […]

Warm Bean Bag

I have an old yellow bean bag that is my best friend in the winter I sleep with it, I work with it, I watch tv with it, sure you understand that I love my heated bean bag.  But it’s time for a new one, so I found pretty pink flannel at the local material […]