Play dough

I have loads of friends with kiddies and made this for a friends little boy the other day.  I remember my mother making us this play dough, and we kept ourselves busy for hours and hours using her cookie cutters and rolling pins. 1/2 Cup Salt 1 cup Plain flour 2 tablespoons Cream of tartar 1  […]

Bath Salts

When I take a bath, I light candles, and soak in a bubble bath or bath salts and just relax and enjoy.   So here is a lovely bath salts recipe… but one thing I don’t like about bath salts is those leaves and flowers and things that you need to try and scoop out before […]

mosaic potholder

This project is loads of fun and it looks lovely when done.  I made this one for my sister for the kitchen tea, as this was the design that was used on everything at their wedding. What you need: tiles (mosaic tiles and/or ordinary bathroom tile) a round supawood shape tile cutter quick dry wood […]

heart paperclip

So cute! Just by bending a paperclip you can transform into this cute heart paperclip! Here’s how… Place the paperclip with the wider loop to the bottom and the outside end, on your left. Then bend the paperclip at the black arrow, so that the blue arrow in the first paper clip ends were the […]

Necklace hanger

I “hate” it when all my necklaces get tangled, but I made one of these…and i love it! 🙂 I can see what I have and no tangling… and we all have a old wooden hanger lying around the house or an old covered hanger that isn’t that nice anymore. Spring is here and it’s time to spring […]

paper protea

I love these paper flowers, and they are so easy to make! All you really have to do is to get out and pick up a few branches, then dig in your bookshelf for a few old books.  I got these books from a local second hand bookshop cheap, cheap…  You need:  Old Books (one […]