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Figure of 8 Knot

Knots and knotted ‘jewellery’ seems to be very in lately.  If you know just how to make some of these knots you can be very creative in using them in crafting and DIY’s.  Today I’ll show you step by step how to make a figure of 8 knot.  This is very simplified so that it […]

Warm Bean Bag

I have an old yellow bean bag that is my best friend in the winter I sleep with it, I work with it, I watch tv with it, sure you understand that I love my heated bean bag.  But it’s time for a new one, so I found pretty pink flannel at the local material […]

Advent calendar

It’s 6 November and all the shops are filled with Christmas goodies. I can’t believe the year is already coming to an end.  So we probably have to start with our Christmas decorations and advent calendars before it’s too late. I have made a cute advent calendar that is so easy to make and it […]

Balloon dipped

This is such a brilliant idea… get your dipped look but not having the mess of paint that’s running and not even.  I got this idea from Brit+Co where they “dipped” mason jars.  I think this is great to bring colour to a party. And the best part is you can remove the balloon in […]

Ribbon Bunting

This ribbon bunting is so soft and feminine.  Add a touch of vintage to your next event! It’s easy and quick 🙂 What you need: {for 1 meter of ribbon bunting} Lace {different shades and patterns} 25 x 60cm strips {15m} Soft satin ribbon {different shades and patterns} 25 x 60cm strips {15m} 2 m […]

baby slippers

Are these slippers not absolutely gorgeous? I found the pattern on Purlbee and made it for a friend having a baby… What you need: A piece of felt Embroidery thread A needle A small piece of elastic The Patern 🙂 {} They have a step by step “how to” on the website, they even have […]